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10th February 2020

SEO for Small Businesses workshop revamped for 2020

My SEO for Small Businesses workshop is back at a new venue and in a time slot (and professional photos this time)!

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15th May 2019

Getting my kicks with a Wix SEO fix

I did battle with Wix to help improve the search engine ranking for my friend Sarah Green of Another AI + Interiors in Stockport.

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5th September 2016

The Benefits of Having an SSL Certificate is now rocking an SSL certificate which means more security, more credibility and a boost in Search Engine Optimisation!

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12th August 2015

Setting Up a Filter to Block Spam Traffic in Google Analytics

How to set up a filter in Google Analytics to prevent pesky spam traffic being recorded and messing up your visitor stats.

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4th August 2015

Adding a Segment to Google Analytics to Filter Out Spam Traffic From Historical Data

Learn how to remove spam traffic from historical Google Analytics data by adding a segment view.

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27th July 2015

Identifying Spam Traffic in Google Analytics

How to identify Ghost Referrals and Bot Crawlers in your Google Analytics stats so you can remove them and clean up your data.

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